Rainy Days, BJs & Nostalgia


With a brutal and economic sense of wording Rainy Days, BJs and Nostalgia grapples with and succeeds in depicting what many people are afraid of confronting – heartache, mental instability, personal loss, intense sexual desire, and rage among other often times debilitating topics. This collection of poems highlights life’s lows while simultaneously glorifying the mundane, cultivating an emotionally exhausting and satisfying feeling that endures beyond the conclusion.
Every poem is fraught with an intensity that comes from an honest desire to communicate and share these human experiences as well as enjoying the world while trying to understand it. Not every experience is painful, however, and there is something unmistakably joyous about the act of writing that shines brightly through everything else. Writing becomes cathartic and ultimately necessary as is evident here.
Jordan created something darkly beautiful in this collection that always seems to be doing multiple things at once but ultimately just strips himself and his readers bare. 
Kateri Woody

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